From all of us here at Coriander Stained Glass we hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather and like us, we’re sure you’re hoping it’s here to stay!

Today we’d like to share with you some of our latest Edwardian projects, with a little insight in to the era and its’ defining features.

This first project was for an Edwardian home in South London.  The stained glass has been hand made piece by piece in our workshop, copying the original design found in the area.

Edwardian Stained Glass (4)

Edwardian Stained Glass (5)

Here you can see typical features of the period, such as the clear, textured glass in for the background and the flowing leaf design which is in a coloured, textured glass.  Getting the correct combination of textures is key for Edwardian Stained Glass and in this piece it ties the different areas of the design together beautifully.

This next Edwardian piece features a lovely bold focal point of the blue/lilac flowers, with the little hand painted gems adding a brighter pop of colour to the centre of the flowers.  Again, texture plays a key part in this piece, with the contrast between the textured clear background and the smoother texture of the flower petals.

Edwardian Stained Glass (1)

The next two pieces are more varied in colour.  The first is a move away from the more commonly used ruby red border to this wonderful sea blue, with the tulip-like flowers on both the central and outer panels.

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Edwardian Stained Glass (3)

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Edwardian Stained Glass (2)


This second piece uses a fantastic combination of colour and detail, with the diamonds and gems creating a border around the floral focal point.

If you are thinking of a stained glass window for your own home we hope that we have given you some food for thought, as these are just a few examples of Edwardian Stained Glass, if you’d like to see more please take a look at our stained glass portfolio. 

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Check back later in the week when we’ll be sharing some of our Victorian Stained Glass pieces.