About Art Deco/1930’s Stained Glass

About Art Deco/1930’s Stained Glass

Residential stained glass in the 1920’s and 1930’s is quite varied, front entrance and stairway window design often took some of the basic elements and shapes used in earlier Edwardian design, generally making it more sparse in detail, and often making it`s features simpler, but bolder and sometimes more angular , so when looking to create a 20`s/30`s design it is relevant to look at Edwardian pattern though bear in mind 1930`s design is less detailed, elegant and fine.

Another design area that became more popular in this period is the picture window, scenes using sunbursts, galleons, hills, water, trees people etc. are common, particularly in larger stairway windows which may consist of a number of windows used together to create one scene. Picture windows can be very ornate and use painted detail along with many colours and textures of glass to identify the emphasise the different parts of the picture.

In the 1920`s the Art deco movement became very popular though is probably more associated with the 1930`s, these cutting edge designs used angled patterns to create artistic impact, sunbursts, wonderful bold and modern geometric arrangements would sometimes use strong colours like ambers and reds, and sometimes use only white glass (clear obscure), heavy texture to light texture to create contrast from pane to pane.

If you are interested in commissioning a unique traditional stained glass lead light and love a particular picture that you would like to replicate, we can reproduce almost any design, if you do not have a clear idea of how you would like your design to look it can be a matter of establishing the shapes and level of complexity you would like to see, sometimes creating a design from different elements of a number of pictures, we would be very happy to help you create your design, and advise you as to what may, or may not work. Cost depends on size and how complicated the design is. If you decide that you would like to commission us to make some stained glass and place an order we will produce actual sized drawings for your approval, choice of colours and textures is yours with our help if needed.

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