About Edwardian and Art Nouveau Stained Glass

About Edwardian and Art Nouveau Stained Glass

Edwardian stained glass design contrasts very much with Victorian, the Victorian generally heavier and full of colour geometric and floral designs, are replaced with flowing leaf and flower designs where the background is usually white ( clear obscure) glass, and the features picked out in medium and strong coloured glass, contrasting the texture of glass from background to different feature areas is also important to prevent the panel from looking too uniform and flat, a common criticism of new stained glass is that it looks modern, it is not only important to get the design right for it to look Edwardian, but getting the right mix of traditional glass textures and colours is essential, only with all these elements correctly combined can the stained glass lead lights for example in an Edwardian front entrance, look right and to fit in with the character of the rest of the house.

The flowing leaf and flower designs that make up much of Edwardian residential stained glass generally reflect nature, long flowing, turning over leaves, and shorter curvy ones are all choices, as are tulips or roses as flower examples.

More cutting edge (for the period) Art Nouveau designs which started to gather pace in the 1890s can be far more stylised so that where used sometimes its leaf and flower shapes do not look natural, these designs can work brilliantly in the right place and be so advanced that even today they look quite modern.

Again, as with Victorian, original Edwardian stained glass can be specific in design to an area, road or builder.

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