About Us

About Us

We are traditional stained glass lead light makers, designing and making bespoke stained glass from traditional to modern.

Our aim is to create stained glass that looks great, that our clients love, and that sits comfortably within the character of it’s surroundings, of whatever period. Creating, for example, a traditional stained glass lead light front entrance, in a Victorian home that looks as if it has always been there, is fantastic.

Whether or not you know what design you`d like, please contact us by phone, email. We will be happy to talk to you about what you would like to see in your window or door. Initially, it is important to concentrate on design and not too much on glass. Colours and textures are more easily chosen when we have produced an actual sized drawing of your design.

We are specialists in Victorian and Edwardian front entrances and stairway windows, and have a wealth of knowledge in these designs, traditional colour and texture mixes.

From a design point of view, we can make almost anything you like. If you haven`t a clue what you want, it is a matter of establishing the type of shapes and level of complexity you would like to see.

We have a wide selection of photos of our work on this website, covering all stylistic periods . If you see something you like, even if it`s proportionately different to your panel(s), you can use it as a starting point. Often we can make designs simpler, more complicated, mix features etc. If you already have a design that you would like us to accurately replicate, we would be happy to do that too. Alternatively, we can work up a design from scratch.

As every stained glass lead light we make is individual to the customer who has commissioned it, very little is standard. This website is our portfolio and we do not have a brochure. Price is dependent on complexity of design and size, but it need not cost the earth to look traditional and beautiful. For example, two Victorian geometric door panels could cost as little as £400. Once we know the sizes and designs to be used, we can give an accurate costing. Then, when you have placed an order, we produce an actual sized drawing for your approval and together we choose glass colours and textures.

We also renovate and repair stained glass lead lights. To do this we will need to see the panel, or a picture, to give a costing.

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