About Victorian Stained Glass

Residential Victorian stained glass design mainly in entrances and stairway windows, can be found in new houses built all through the Victorian and well into the Edwardian period. Victorian stained glass design is spilt into 3 distinct, contrasting areas:


1. Borders – Creates a definite, strong frame in texture and colour, can be single, double or triple width, contrasting in colour and texture from one border to the next. traditionally a strong, clear ruby red is used on single borders and for the inner border on double borders. Traditional borders are usually arranged to flow around the panel, i.e without corner squares, and are split along there length, but the splits do not usually line up from one border to the next, or from border to background lines.


2. Background – Geometric shapes that can be uniform all over, or different shapes to identify separate sections of background very commonly rectangles or diamonds (apart from in floral designs), four pale shades of the same texture can be used, or different textures with a change of shape or section, for example vertical door panel backgrounds are often split into thirds, the central third of background can be made up of one texture and the top and bottom thirds another, the most common glass patterns/textures are English muffle, antique cathedral and muraneze, it is very important that the background is pale in colour, if medium or strong coloured glass is used it will fight for your attention with the features and cease to become background.


3. Features – Your central feature can be bold if you wish, when you look at the completed stained glass panel, your eyes should first be drawn to the central feature, then to the secondary features in the top and bottom thirds, or quarters. Geometric arrangements, flat flowers or paintings are traditionally used, you will see examples on these gallery pages.


Use this gallery to create your own Victorian Stained Glass design – please do call or email us of you would like help or advice.

At this point just concentrate on design, the colours on each of our pictures are the individual clients choices, and you of course will choose your own, but it tends to complicate the process if you try to choose colour and design together, once you have an overall design it is much easier to choose colours for the different sections.

Look thorough our pictures and identify the border arrangement you would like, single, double or triple. Then background, would you like rectangles all over, diamonds ,or another geometric shape? Would you like the background split into sections of different shapes?

Again look through our pictures and pick features, these can be geometric, for example a roundel set within a diamond with a border round it, it can be a flat flower, or it can be painted, usually birds or flowers, your central feature is the focal point of the panel and needs to stand out, lesser, secondary features can be used to punctuate the top and bottom thirds, or quarters of the background. Victorian Floral stained glass designs have the same bordering choices, the background shapes are dictated by the features, often of flowing stems, with leaves and round fruit sometimes growing out of an urn at the bottom.

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