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Coriander Stained Glass – Kingfisher & Owl


A serene landscape, capturing the kingfisher poised in flight. The subtle background landscape hues of blue and greens present the saturated colours of the kingfisher. A pleasant monocentrically composed panel.


A traditionally hand-painted stained glass leadlight, featuring an owl perched on oak branch. The design is based on a Victorian geometric, presenting straight lines and subtle backgrounds.


(9th October 2019)


Coriander Stained Glass – The White Bear


An elegant design created for a client in Essex. The heavily textured white glass describe the ice landscape, surrounded by the wispy blue sea, accentuating the outline of the polar bear. A handsome and attractive design.


(4th October 2019)


Coriander Stained Glass – Peacock Panels


An exciting and bold design made and fitted for a Victorian home front door in Dulwich. This complex design is visually striking, with the prominent blue colours accentuated by solid red and wispy opal glass, presented on a background of textured clear.


(24th September 2019)

Coriander Stained Glass – Edwardian Recent Project


Hello All! This week we have an Edwardian style 9 panel stairway window to show you. read More

Coriander Stained Glass – Victorian Front Entrance


Hello, and welcome back to the Coriander Stained Glass website! We hope that everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas. Here at Coriander Stained Glass we have been working hard! Today we have to show you a lovely Victorian front entrance in Winchester. read More

Coriander Stained Glass – Victorian Geometric Front Entrance


We recently fitted a lovely set of Victorian geometric stained glass lead lights to a front entrance in Wallington. read More

Coriander Stained Glass – Recent Hampton Court Projects


Over the past few months we have been undertaking different projects at Hampton Court Palace.  read More

Coriander Stained Glass – Edwardian Stained Glass Recent Project


Hello and welcome back to the Coriander Stained Glass website! This week we have a beautiful Edwardian stained glass recent project to show you.  read More

Coriander Stained Glass – Hampton Court Palace Haunted Gallery Renovation


We recently undertook another project at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace. This was a lead light renovation into stone in Hampton Court’s Haunted Gallery. read More