Coriander Stained Glass Restoration Work at Hampton Court Palace

Here at Coriander Stained Glass, the maintenance and conservation of original glasswork is an important part of our job. We are very proud of the work we have been doing at Hampton Court Palace, and on this page we will be cataloguing the work we do for them. The palace was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey in the early 1500’s, and for many years after that it was home to many members of the Royal Family. However, it has not been inhabited by the Royal Family since the 18th Century and has undergone extensive renovation undertaken by its’ many owners.


November 2018

We worked with the palace as part of the team repairing the windows on The South Front. We replaced multiple broken glass panes on all levels.


October 2018

In-situ repairs to broken glass in lead lights in Tennis Court Lane, and The Georgian House


September 2018

Lead light renovation overlooking Base Court. Over time, constant opening of the windows causes the lead structure to weaken and come away from its metal frame. Here, we lifted the opener off and in our studio removed it from its metal frame. We stripped the lead light, rebuilt it into a new traditional lead structure and then re-attached it to its metal frame.


August 2018

A lead light renovation into stone at Hampton Courts Haunted Gallery


July 2018

Glass repairs in the Masters Carpenters Courtyard, Hampton Court Palace.


December 2013

Two diamond panels restored in the Master Carpenters Court, Hampton Court Palace.


May 2013

In the top left hand corner of the following images you will see our new vent created using a design of soldered lead, we believe that this method of vent construction is unique and approval was needed for its use by English Heritage.


A second traditional lead light restoration for the Georgian House at Hampton Court Palace. 


A restoration of a traditional leaded light in Fountain Court at Hampton Court Palace.


January 2013

We have recently restored this traditional lead light in the Georgian House at Hampton Court Palace, one of the properties the palace lets out to visitor via the landmark trust. Visit the Coriander Stained Glass News page for more information on the Landmark Trust.


September 2012

Here is a step by step look at some recent work we have carried out at the palace:


October 2012

This next picture shows two diamond panels that we have stripped and rebuilt into new lead light structures using the old glass, which was probably two to three hundred years old. New frames have been made by the joiners at Hampton Court, the picture was taken in their workshop at the Palace.


We will be updating this page with any other work we carry out at the palace, but in the mean time please take a look at our Stained Glass News page to follow our other projects. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.