About Ecclesiastical Stained Glass

About Ecclesiastical Stained Glass

Most of the images in this gallery are of Victorian ecclesiastical stained glass which unfortunately suffered from fire damage, vandalism, or the lead structure became weak or bowed due to age, some of the work needed to repair these panels was done within the existing lead structure (027),by pealing back the lead around individual breaks, cutting a new glass pane in and folding the lead back onto the glass, these repairs can sometimes be done in-situ, though it does help if it is easy to remove them, so that we can lay them flat and work on them.

Mainly the pictures of stained glass in this gallery, for example 029, 010 , 012 have been completely restored by removing the window, temporary glazing or boarding the hole, striping it of lead and rebuilding it in the traditional way with the same width and profile of lead came into a new, strong solid and sealed lead structure replacing and re-painting glass where needed and re-fitting.

There are also some examples of new stained glass commissions, some memorial, others for new Church buildings or extensions for example 025 and 026.

From a design point of view we can do almost anything, from a traditional Victorian painted window, to creating a stained glass version of a Margaret Tarrant illustration of Peter Pan for a new children’s memorial garden at The West Middlesex Crematorium, or taking the winning children’s design for a stained glass window in the new building at St. Barnabus Church, Southfields.

Our projects in ecclesiastical stained glass are often wonderful projects for us to be involved in, working closely with the Church through the whole process of design, painting and construction.
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