About Other Stained Glass Designs

As you can see this gallery is filled with a complete mix of stained glass pictures, this section really does illustrate that we can produce almost any picture in stained glass, from happy sunflowers in a kitchen window to a painted roundel of the Richmond coat of arms, commissioned by The London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames a gift for its German twin town.

If you have an idea, no matter how unusual we can probably produce it for you, we like a challenge, you can be completely involved in its design, choose your own colours so that it is completely unique.

Cost will depend on the size, and how complex the design is, if painted glass is involved, it can be for a door, window, skylight, garden feature etc. With a go ahead we always produce a working template drawing actual size for your approval, this is a black and white pencil drawing, we do not colour it in as it is impossible to accurately represent coloured and textured glass in this way. Your design safety net is that if this needs to be altered that`s no problem we can re-draw until it is right. Then together we choose glass colours and textures for the different parts of the design.

Please call in, phone us or email if you would like to discuss your idea, if you are artistic and would like to give us a drawing of the design you would like in stained glass that`s great, if not any picture that help to show us what you would like to see would be helpful.
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