We’ve been busy here at Coriander Stained Glass over the last month!  We’d like to share with you a few of our latest projects and updates to our stained glass portfolio.

We’ve recently worked on this panel in Claygate, Surrey.

1930's Stained Glass Panel

The lead structure was weak with cracked joints and some broken glass.  The lifespan of a door panel like this is completely dependent on how the door is used; if constantly slammed and used roughly it may only be a few years.  With normal use the lifespan would be 30-40 years.  This panel may have been rebuilt twice before in its’ lifetime.

Victorian Geometric Stained Glass Windows in South West London

Back in September, we wrote about some beautiful work we were carrying out in South West London.  These Victorian windows feature panels lovingly hand painted by our in house artist, Margaret.

Victorian Stained Glass hand painted panel

Victorian Stained Glass hand painted panel, horse

Once the paintings are kilned they are ready to go together with the rest of the piece.

Victorian Stained Glass geometric shapes

Each piece of glass is numbered and cut before soldering.

These beautiful multi faceted gems were each hand painted and kilned by Margaret in colours that were best suited to the final piece.

Victorian stained glass gems

Here you can see the window taking shape as the last pieces of lead and glass were laid into place.

Before fitting on site, we had to carry out work to clean out the old windows and prepare them for fitting.

stained glass window preparation

Stained Glass Window preparation - horse feature piece

The final pieces are really striking.

Victorian Stained Glass Geometric Final Piece

Victorian Geometric stained glass final panel

For more ideas and inspiration, head over to our Victorian gallery to look at some of our other work.

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