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Coriander Stained Glass – Kingfisher & Owl


A serene landscape, capturing the kingfisher poised in flight. The subtle background landscape hues of blue and greens present the saturated colours of the kingfisher. A pleasant monocentrically composed panel.


A traditionally hand-painted stained glass leadlight, featuring an owl perched on oak branch. The design is based on a Victorian geometric, presenting straight lines and subtle backgrounds.


(9th October 2019)

Coriander Stained Glass – The White Bear


An elegant design created for a client in Essex. The heavily textured white glass describe the ice landscape, surrounded by the wispy blue sea, accentuating the outline of the polar bear. A handsome and attractive design.


(4th October 2019)

Today, we have two of our projects to share with you. The first is a project for a lovely Victorian home in Hanwell, West London.


This week, we have an example of stained glass restoration to show you. As owners are more and more conscious of the need to keep and maintain original character features in period homes we are increasingly being asked to renovate and restore glass. In this case, a lovely set of Edwardian stained glass in a front entrance in Southfields has been renovated. The process involves the lead structure being replaced, making it flat, strong and solid. It is freshly sealed making it as draft proof as a traditional lead light can be. The broken glass is then replaced and all of the glass is cleaned so that it sparkles and looks fantastic!

Edwardian/Art Nouveau Stained Glass

To learn more about Coriander Stained Glass restoration please visit our Stained Glass and Restoration and repairs page and to see more examples of Edwardian stained glass, head over to our Edwardian/Art Nouveau Stained Glass gallery.

Hello, and welcome back to our blog!

Here at Coriander Stained Glass, we don’t just do stained glass for front doors, internal doors also look fabulous with stained glass in them. This  is a traditional geometric design which uses the space in this internal door to create one picture using the nine different panels. The background glass is a modern use of white and yellow waterglass rectangles at alternate horizontal and vertical direction.

Other Stained Glass Designs

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Happy new year! We hope that everyone has had a very merry Christmas and happy new year. Here at Coriander Stained Glass we have been working on some projects. This is a selection of some of the recent stained glass projects that we have done.


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We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new shop! As of Thursday the 13th of March 2014 we will no longer be at Revelstoke Road in Wimbledon. But we welcome you to come and visit us any time at our new location, 27 Kingston Road, Wimbledon. SW191JX

Many thanks from all of the Coriander Stained Glass team and we hope to see you there!

Coriander Stained Glass are pleased to announce that we will be moving into our brand new shop location in Wimbledon from the beginning of March. Our new address will be 27, Kingston Road, Wimbledon. SW191JX

We look forward to seeing you there!

Many thanks, Coriander Stained Glass.