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Hello and welcome back to the Coriander Stained Glass website! This week we have a beautiful Edwardian stained glass recent project to show you.  (more…)

Good afternoon. We hope that everyone has been enjoying the beautiful warm summer we have been having. Coriander Stained Glass has a new website and we invite you to stay tuned as lots of exciting things are happening and we will be posting regularly in our news section about it! (more…)

Hello, and welcome back to the Coriander Stained Glass blog! Today, we have a lot of our recent stained glass projects to show you including Victorian stained glass, Edwardian stained glass, Art deco and 1930’s stained glass and other designs! (more…)

Last week we fitted these stained glass lead lights to an Edwardian home in a conservation area in Wimbledon.


This week, we have this lovely recent project to show you. This is a set of 7 stained glass panels fitted this week in Hanwell, West London.