We’ve a few more projects to share with you today at Coriander Stained Glass.  Despite the dip in the weather, we’ve been keeping busy with some lovely stained glass windows.

A large part of our work is in restoring and renovating old or damaged pieces to their former glory.  Be it an ecclesiastical piece within a church or a small residential piece in someone’s home, we take great pride in the quality of our restorations.

This first example is of an Edwardian piece rebuilt for a home in Wembley park.

Edwarian Stained Glass, wimbledon

Typical of it’s period, this leaded light features a clear, textured background glass contrasted with the bright purple border and yellow insert, topped off with a bold floral central feature.

This next example shows a restored Victorian geometric piece, returned to its’ former glory in its’ home in Kingston.

Victorian Stained Glass, Kingston

The ruby red border and geometric background in pastel hues are typical features of the Victorian period, with the central roundels in ruby red and the secondary, smaller roundels in pastel shades to compliment the background.

When a new stained glass window is created for a home there are several things to take into consideration.  It could be that you are looking to remain sympathetic to the style and era of other homes in your street, or are looking to remake an original piece of stained glass that may have once been in your home in years gone by.

In some cases, the most simple designs can be the most striking if you are looking to brighten up your entrance way.

This is a Victorian geometric piece fitted in Putney.  It’s simple geometric background in pastel shades and complimenting lilac roundels create a light and airy entrance way for this home.

 Victorian Stained Glass, PutneyVictorian Stained Glass, Putney 2

For more ideas an inspiration for a stained glass window for your own home, take a look at our stained glass portfolio.   You can also keep up to date with our latest news on Facebook and Twitter.