From us all here at Coriander Stained Glass we hope you have a lovely bank holiday Monday in the sunshine.   We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather stays good!

Today we’ve another project from Hampton Court Palace to share with you.

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Hampton Court Palace (1)

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Hampton Court Palace


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Hampton Court Palace (2)


In the top left hand corner you will see our new vent created using a design of soldered lead, we believe that this method of vent construction is unique and approval was needed for its use by English Heritage.

The manor of Hampton was first acquired by the Knights Hospitaller in 1236, when they used the site as a centre for food storage and accounts keeping.  Excavations suggest that the Knights had a barn used as an estate office.  The first tenant on the site was Giles Daubeney who took out a lease on the property in 1494.

The palace as we know it today was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey in the early 1500′s, and for many years after that it was home to many members of the Royal Family.  However, it has not been inhabited by the Royal Family since the 18th Century and has undergone extensive renovation undertaken by its’ many owners.

We love the palace for it’s beautiful collection of art, the architecture, and of course, the maze garden!

If you’re feeling inspired about a leaded light for your own home, take a look at our stained glass portfolio.

Well that’s it from us for today.  We hope you have a wonderful bank holiday Monday with family and friends and remember, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to, you can share your pictures with us via Facebook or Twitter.