Hello! We hope everyone is having a lovely November! The stained glass lead lights like those in the pictures shown below are great at decorating Edwardian homes.

They are a very important part of the traditional character which helps to make these properties so attractive and beautiful.

The original stained glass has an amazing lifespan but after over 100 years they may no longer be as effective as they were at keeping the cold and the rain out, making them less practical. The expansion and contraction with temperature of the different elements of glass, lead, and lead cement in the channels between the lead and the glass, causes it to crack and drop out over the decades making the seal much less effective.

Once this has happened, as with the fanlights in this Wimbledon home,we can restore the traditional lead lights by removing them and at our studio and fully restore them by stripping them of their old lead structures. We then clean the original glass and rebuild it into new traditional strong and flat lead structures using the same width and profile of lead came, and then freshly seal them. This all gives the original glass a new lease of life while keeping the windows authentic, helping to restore their beauty and making themmore effective at keeping the weather out. Overall, this process will make the windows more practical and revitalise them to keep homes warm and looking stunning.

Edwardian/ Art Nouveau Stained Glass.Edwardian/ Art Nouveau Stained Glass.


Edwardian/ Art Nouveau Stained Glass.

Edwardian/ Art Nouveau Stained Glass.


Edwardian/ Art Nouveau Stained Glass.

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