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Coriander Stained Glass – Kingfisher & Owl


A serene landscape, capturing the kingfisher poised in flight. The subtle background landscape hues of blue and greens present the saturated colours of the kingfisher. A pleasant monocentrically composed panel.


A traditionally hand-painted stained glass leadlight, featuring an owl perched on oak branch. The design is based on a Victorian geometric, presenting straight lines and subtle backgrounds.


(9th October 2019)

Recently, Coriander Stained Glass has been in Chiswick working on a beautiful 5 panel front door, it is of traditional Victorian geometric design, however, it uses blue bordering instead of the usual tradition of red and clear bordering. We also have two hand painted and kilned robins at the centre of the main panels in this stained glass window. These robins provide the central features for the main panels with the rest of the glass colours and textures broadly traditional. These details have created an amazing unique front door for this home in Chiswick.


Victorian Stained Glass
Victorian Stained Glass
Victorian Stained Glass

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At Coriander Stained Glass we have been working on some great Stained Glass projects recently. Here are some of our recent Victorian Geometric designs.

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Victorian Geometric Stained Glass 2

Victorian Geometric Stained Glass 1


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