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Today at Coriander Stained Glass we’d like to share with you a project we’ve been working on for a Victorian door in London, SW18.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Door

At some point in its’ life, this door has had the two vertical panels removed and replaced with sandblasted glass.  A significant part of what we do here at Coriander is putting stained glass back where the original windows have been removed.  Much residential stained glass was taken out during the 1960’s and 1970’s as it was regarded as unfashionable.  It is also often the case that it is lost because it is worn out or broken and the owner didn’t want to go tot he expense of having it replaced or rebuilt.  The couple who own this property identified the lead light as something they wanted to restore as soon as they moved in.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Door 2

Inside/around the glass was finished with an angle of putty that has been hacked off (a very harsh sounding technical term!).  the holding pins have been removed and the picture shows the old glass being levered out of its’ glazing rebate.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Door 3

With the old glass removed and excess putty removed, the rebate has now been hacked off and new putty applied.  The door is now ready to receive the new stained glass panels.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Door 4

The stained glass has been pressed into the new putty, secured on each border lead joint with tracks into the wood, and finished on the inside with a neat putty joint that can be painted in a few days once the putty has formed a skin over the top of it.  The putty will take a much longer period of time to harden completely, but the leaded lights are securely in place with tacks in the mean time.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Door 5

The completed door can be seen on the right, compared to the door on the left which has the original Victorian glass and design that we have copied.

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