We’ve been busy here at Coriander Stained Glass working on a number of projects for our clients.

Margaret, our in house artist has been drawing templates for traditional stained glass painted features that will become the centre of a Victorian geometric lead light, for a house in South West London.

This first image shows the templates Margaret is working on and the fine detail required in her pencil drawings.

Coriander Stained Glass template drawing

The next steps are to mix the paint and cut the glass to size.

Coriander Stained Glass paint mixing

The glass is then positioned over its’ template and trace lines are applied

Coriander Stained Glass trace line painting

Coriander Stained Glass trace lines painting

After the lines are completed, the glass is then taken to the kiln.  After it is kilned it is moved down to the cooling compartment to gently reduce the temperature.

Coriander Stained Glass kiln

Don’t forget to check back soon for the completed work!

For more inspiration on Victorian lead lights, take a look at our Victorian gallery page.