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Recently, Coriander Stained Glass has been in Chiswick working on a beautiful 5 panel front door, it is of traditional Victorian geometric design, however, it uses blue bordering instead of the usual tradition of red and clear bordering. We also have two hand painted and kilned robins at the centre of the main panels in this stained glass window. These robins provide the central features for the main panels with the rest of the glass colours and textures broadly traditional. These details have created an amazing unique front door for this home in Chiswick.


Victorian Stained Glass
Victorian Stained Glass
Victorian Stained Glass

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We’ve been busy here at Coriander Stained Glass completing and installing our latest projects.  Be sure to check back soon for our latest pictures, including the completed job for the beautiful hand painted pieces we posted about earlier this month.

We’ll also be filming the open ceremony of the Children’s Memorial Garden at West Middlesex Cemetery in the coming weeks, which will complete our series of videos on the Peter Pan project.

We’ve been keeping an eye out on the latest art exhibitions showing in London, and sadly the Royal Collection’s da Vinci exhibition is only showing for one more week.   If you don’t have time to make a visit, we’ve got our eye on another great exhibition, at the Tate Britain.

The exhibition “Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde” is showing until 13th January 2013.

The Pre-Raphaelites were considered to be the first avant-garde movement in art, “combining rebellion, beauty, scientific precision and imaginative grandeur.”  The exhibition shows 150 works in a variety of media, with both well known works alongside rarely seen masterpieces.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a Victorian lead light, this exhibition is a great place to find it.

Our in house artist, Margaret, can lovingly recreate paintings from any work of your choice, and if you’re interested in all things Victorian, why not take a look at our Victorian gallery for ideas and inspiration on traditional Victorian lead lights.

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We’ve been busy here at Coriander Stained Glass working on a number of restoration projects.  We’d like to share with you these projects for Edwardian and Victorian themed pieces.

Edwardian Front Entrance – SW London

Coriander Stained Glass Edwardian Entrance

The first stage is to remove the broken glass (it was not the original) from the far panels.

Coriander Stained Glass Front Entrance 2

We have made the new panels fitted in this picture.  The design copies the original that is still in the neighbouring home, the glass colour used is a mixture of old and new, with the usual red border distinctive of this era, replaced with midnight blue and in the flower petals grape water glass.  The background, leaf and bud colours replicate the original, a good mix of old and new that works beautifully.

Coriander Stained Glass Edwardian work

This picture shows whole new front entrance created from scratch for an Edwardian home in SW19.  We have created the stained glass which is based on a local design.

Coriander Stained Glass Edwardian work 2

If you are thinking about an Edwardian window for your home, why not take a look at our Edwardian gallery for more ideas.

Victorian Restoration Projects

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian window

This is one of two Victorian geometric style top lights delivered to a client in Oxford.  The background is a random placement of four pale shades in antique cathedral with the standard ruby red border providing a strong frame.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Geometric

The above picture shows a completely new Victorian Geometric patterned stained glass front entrance based on the original design for the road in SW19 that we have recently made and installed.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian painted panel

This next picture shows a rebuilt Victorian painted panel.  We have stripped this roundel of lead and rebuilt it into a new lead light.  We have only replaced the red border and one broken painted border pane. 

For more ideas and inspiration on Victorian stained glass, take a look at our Victorian gallery.

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Here at Coriander Stained Glass we’ve been busy working away on our latest projects.  We’ve collected a few snaps to give you a taster of the projects we’ve been working on.

Coriander Stained Glass, Edwardian lead light

The above picture shows an Edwardian door panel from Astonville Street, Southfields that we have stripped of its’ lead structure and built a new one replacing broken glass in the process.  The picture shows the lead joints being soldered together.  The next step is to cement the light which is the sealing process before being fitted back into the door.  For more pictures and information on this next part of the process, take a look at our post from August 27th 2012.

If you’ve an idea for an Edwardian lead light you’d like us to fit in your home, take a look at our Edwardian gallery for more ideas and inspiration.

Coriander Stained Glass - Edwardian

The above picture shows a traditional rectangular lead light under construction at our Wimbledon shop.  This is one of ten lead lights for an Edwardian home in Wimbledon park.  As each glass pane is individual it is impossible to get completely flat next to its’ adjacent pane, however when fitted it will give a glistening reflection as light rebounds off the glass at different angles.  This is a lovely characteristic only achieved by traditionally made lead lights.

Coriander Stained Glass Edwardian Renovation

To continue with the Edwardian theme, here we have a picture of two stained glass panels being renovated for an Edwardian house in New Malden.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Entrance

And finally, this picture was taken in our shop before installation, of a Victorian front entrance toplight that we have restored.  For more ideas and inspiration on Victorian lead lights take a look at our Victorian gallery. 

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We’ve been busy here at Coriander Stained Glass working on a number of projects for our clients.

Margaret, our in house artist has been drawing templates for traditional stained glass painted features that will become the centre of a Victorian geometric lead light, for a house in South West London.

This first image shows the templates Margaret is working on and the fine detail required in her pencil drawings.

Coriander Stained Glass template drawing

The next steps are to mix the paint and cut the glass to size.

Coriander Stained Glass paint mixing

The glass is then positioned over its’ template and trace lines are applied

Coriander Stained Glass trace line painting

Coriander Stained Glass trace lines painting

After the lines are completed, the glass is then taken to the kiln.  After it is kilned it is moved down to the cooling compartment to gently reduce the temperature.

Coriander Stained Glass kiln

Don’t forget to check back soon for the completed work!

For more inspiration on Victorian lead lights, take a look at our Victorian gallery page.