Here at Coriander Stained Glass we’ve been keeping busy with a number of projects, a few of which we are going to share with you today.

Edwardian Stained Glass

This is an internal door in a beautiful Edwardian home in Long Ditton, Surrey . The original lead structure over the decades had weakened and there is only one way of resolving this.  The lead light must be taken apart and the lead structure replaced, which is what we did with all twelve of these panels.   This process also cleans the glass very effectively so that it shines and glistens.  This piece works particularly well for an internal door because of its’ placement within the home, you can see in the photograph that it is in a place that allows natural light to pass through it and creates a wonderful transition between rooms.

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Victorian Stained Glass

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Victorian Stained Glass

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Victorian Stained Glass


Victorian Stained Glass

This next set of pictures shows a beautiful set of Victorian geometric stained glass we have recently fitted in a home in Wimbledon, South West London. Features typical of the era include the ruby red border, the geometric shapes, and the pastel shades used for the background glass.

Stained glass completely transforms the entrance of a home, creating an impressive, decorative main character feature and opens up what is otherwise usually a quite dull space.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a piece of stained glass for your own home, there are lots of beautiful examples to be found in our stained glass portfolio.  You can opt for a design that is traditional and in keeping with the properties in your area, or we can design you something completely bespoke from a drawing or your favourite picture.

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