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Here at Coriander Stained Glass we’ve been keeping busy in the run up to Christmas. Today, as well as sharing with you some pictures of one of our most recent projects, we’ve also got a few snaps of what we’ve been up to in the run up to the festive period!

Edwardian Stained Glass

This is one of a set of five stained glass lead lights from an Edwardian home in Fulham that we are renovating. The existing lead structure is worn out and weak.  When a panel has reached the end of its life the renovation process is to completly take it apart, clean the glass replacing any glass breaks, then build a new lead light structure using the original glass.

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Edwardian Stained Glass 2


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Edwardian Stained Glass 3


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Edwardian Stained Glass 4


Edwardian Stained Glass 5


This last picture shows the newly rebuilt panel with its new lead around the original hundred year old glass. The final process for this panel to go through before it is re-fitted is cemmenting or sealing, the lead will be finished in a dark grey/black.

As well as work, we’ve also been having a bit of fun and getting into the festive spirit for Christmas.  We’ve been making little gifts like home made snow globes, and this little snow man made out of foam to stick to the window.  We’ve also been decorating our christmas trees too – if you have any of your own pictures to share please share them with us, we’d love to see them!

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christmas tree


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snow globe

The snow globes are great for decorations or for gifts – they’re made using an empty jam jar, a Christmassy cake decoration, water mixed with glitter and a drop of glycerine, and glued together using a glue gun – hey presto!


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snow man



Coca Cola truck 2012

We also had the chance to see the Coca Cola truck in Reading which was an extra Christmas treat!

That’s it for today but check back soon for more of our latest news and projects.  For more ideas and inspiration on a stained glass or lead light for your own home, please visit our stained glass portfolio.

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Here at Coriander Stained Glass we’ve been busy working away on our latest projects.  We’ve collected a few snaps to give you a taster of the projects we’ve been working on.

Coriander Stained Glass, Edwardian lead light

The above picture shows an Edwardian door panel from Astonville Street, Southfields that we have stripped of its’ lead structure and built a new one replacing broken glass in the process.  The picture shows the lead joints being soldered together.  The next step is to cement the light which is the sealing process before being fitted back into the door.  For more pictures and information on this next part of the process, take a look at our post from August 27th 2012.

If you’ve an idea for an Edwardian lead light you’d like us to fit in your home, take a look at our Edwardian gallery for more ideas and inspiration.

Coriander Stained Glass - Edwardian

The above picture shows a traditional rectangular lead light under construction at our Wimbledon shop.  This is one of ten lead lights for an Edwardian home in Wimbledon park.  As each glass pane is individual it is impossible to get completely flat next to its’ adjacent pane, however when fitted it will give a glistening reflection as light rebounds off the glass at different angles.  This is a lovely characteristic only achieved by traditionally made lead lights.

Coriander Stained Glass Edwardian Renovation

To continue with the Edwardian theme, here we have a picture of two stained glass panels being renovated for an Edwardian house in New Malden.

Coriander Stained Glass Victorian Entrance

And finally, this picture was taken in our shop before installation, of a Victorian front entrance toplight that we have restored.  For more ideas and inspiration on Victorian lead lights take a look at our Victorian gallery. 

Check back soon for more of our latest work, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you never miss an update!